Why I’m an Ambassador

Martina Bergami

I co-founded Ambassador Club Berlin in 2001. We are an active club with members between 33 and 79 years old. When the Ambassadors interact, they learn about things beyond their personal sphere of activity. I have always believed that one can only profit from this proverbial “looking beyond one’s own nose”.
Martina Bergami, AC Berlin / Vice-President AC International.

James Col Dadridge

I have enjoyed the opportunity to expand my personal communication circles among men and women of multiple professional backgrounds. I am fortunate to live in a large international metropolitan city, Washington, D.C. (Capital of the USA), which attracts a wide variety of international representatives to Ambassador Club International.
James Col Dandridge, RAC Washington, D.C. Founding member of Ambassador Club International in May 1997.

Martine Spiess

I would like to say that the Ambassador is really something you need to experience. It comes to life in the regional club’s monthly conferences and meetings.
It also comes to life in nation-wide gatherings, for example, the general assembly, which allows us to make acquaintance of members of other clubs and discuss all kinds of activities with them. It comes to life especially during international events: Those moments never fail to spark friendship beyond borders. Personally, I had the pleasure of establishing two clubs and working at the international office for three years. A rewarding experience, which I can only recommend to anyone.
Martine Spiess, RAC Antipolis.

Arno Giovannini

I’ve been an Ambassador for two years. We’re a mixed club, from young people to those 50+, which makes for an exciting and profitable mix for everyone.
Arno Giovannini, President RA MerkDer Baden.

Maria Schmid

For two years now I’ve been a member of the newly founded AC MerkDer Baden.
My original motivation for joining was meeting new people in a region that was new to me.
What I didn’t suspect was: Not only did I meet new people, but I also gained new friends!
These days, I can hardly wait for the next meeting!
Maria Schmid


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