The Club Life

Usually, the AMBASSADORS meet once a month. At the local level, at Regional Ambassador Clubs. Relying on the involvement of the members, meetings intellectually stimulate as well as broaden knowledge and understanding. Often involving guest speakers chosen to meet the interest of the members, meetings promote civilized sociability. Discussions, speeches by club friends and guests, sightseeing, participation in cultural events, trips, visits to other clubs and social events characterize the club life. AMBASSADORS include their families and partners in the club life, and assist and welcome traveling Ambassadors to their regions.

Regional Ambassador Clubs decide on the extent of their involvement in the social and cultural life. They take part in national events as well as national and international meetings. It is their purpose to build bridges across political, cultural, linguistic and other bounds.

Communication is an essential element of the club life. It is open and characterizes respect and friendship. Club members from around the world are joined together by the club website as well as a series of publications and social media linkages which inform members about club life and activities.

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