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I believe in the noble association of AMBASSADORS,
I believe in the power of its members and the staunchness of its spirit.
I believe that untruths will never occur among us.
That we have banished from our ranks anger, secrecy, self-interest and the taint of treachery.
We are able to prevent ourselves from the infiltration of the winds of politics and courageously raise ourselves above cowardice; we do not recognise insulting, resentful or patronising behaviour.
I believe  do not have to be stronger than the weakest among us.
I believe that we are a community the strong ramparts of which are mutual respect, trust and friendship.
I believe that we are courageous men who frankly and openly state their opinions, and whoalways can and wish to look one another in the eye.
I believe that we are people full of spirit. That we hear out one another’s thoughts with open heart and intellect, that we are prepared to learn from one another about the formidable matters of the world.
And finally I believe that once these notions have taken roots and remained within us, we will further strengthen and ennoble ourselves, our families, our community and the world.
[Ambassadors of Pécs, April 1999]
A Latin word meaning, “I believe”.
This is how the apostolic declaration of faith begins, as well as that of the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea (325), and so refers to them. It also appears in the Holy Mass, after the evangelium. (Credo in unum Deum …), thereby distinguishing that part of the Mass.
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Attila Naszály [RAC Budapest]
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Győző Farkas Győző Farkas [RAC Pécs]
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