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About "The purpose of the club"

The purpose of the club is to promote human knowledge, spirit value and individuality. The humanity itself is the issue of deepest concern.

About the "will of the creed"

It is confident for every member that they may discussion and sharing of experiences in order to promote mutual friendship. Mutual understanding between the people of all countries should strengthen and
Territory without restrictions. No matter what the ages, races, education and occupation, the club is to enrich each other′s personal lives.
 Date Founded 05.04.1980
 Club-Language en
n.a. Huo-Chin Cheng [RAC Feng Yuan - Taichung]
 1st Vice-president
Jung-chang Lee Jung-chang Lee [RAC Taiwan]
 2nd Vice-president
n.a. Huo-Chin Cheng [RAC Feng Yuan - Taichung]
 Former President
Han-Shiang Lin Han-Shiang Lin [RAC Yilan]
Kuen-Liang Chen Kuen-Liang Chen [RAC Taipei]
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Newport News Virginia
NAC USA National Meeting
Marriott Hotel, Newport News Virginia – Details to follow